Travel with Kids

1 Pack lots of plastic bags, tissues, wet wipes to use on the go
2 Keep the kids intrigued by offering a toy or food in a gift wrap, it keeps them occupied for longer. Choose the food that is less messy and longer to eat
3 Travelling could make little ones to have nappy rash, take sufficiently
4 Take something to chew like lollies, sucking bottle for very young ones during air travel. Plane take off and landing could cause ear imbalance and ache. For older kids chewing gum helps.
5 Strollers, favourite songs/blankets, good stock of nappies, wipes, set of clothes handy and other toddler/kid items
6 Children’s strength medicine and pain relievers
7 Divide the time taken for the journey into several slots and plan varied activities to entertain like toys, reading materials, travel activities and electronic devices; downloading cartoons, games on the tablet/iPad is quite useful
8 Always pack a set of clothes for parents in the carry-on baggage as things could get messy when travelling with little ones
9 It always takes longer to travel with babies and kids. Plan and limit the activites and allow for any foreseen/unforeseen delays
10 When outdoors wear weather appropriate brightly colored clothing to children to spot them straight away in a crowd, slip in a phone no. in a pocket or wear a contact detail tag around the neck
11 Try not to carry puzzle or favorite toy with many pieces in it, losing a piece will upset the kid and eventually end up in unnecessary search for something not worth looking for on a busy holiday
12 Kids can’t wait long if the next toilet trip is in a while, empty wide mouth bottle is always handy to your kid’s emergency nature’s call