Seychelles Islands

The incredible Seychelles Islands are 115 slices of green jewels of heaven on earth. This dream come true paradise will never cease to spellbind all those who step on each of the Seychelles Islands. Enchanting shores of turquoise crystal like water caressing onto silky ivory white granules under the glistening golden rays of the sun. How can you resist?

Exclusive North Island, a romantic honeymooners’ paradise is located just north of Silhouette Island. It is the first Seychelles Island recorded by seafarers in the 1609. It has all the characteristics of Seychelles Islands with majestic granitic mountains to crystal clear waters. It is now a privately owned island resort quite popular among celebrity honeymooners.

During your getaway this piece of heaven is just yours and it is small enough to make you feel your own private space. The romantic honeymoon cove is in the west beach. In this island, food is grown, reared or caught in the sea. Open plan villas overlooking the beach is mostly built by timber in its original shape and size or granitic rocks.

Aldabra Island is a coral atoll bordered by jagged limestone and small beaches and encloses a large mangrove-bordered lagoon. The gorgeous tortoises native to Aldabra can reach the weight up to 250kgs and exceeding the age of whopping 150years.

Nestled at the northernmost part of Seychelles is the magical, unique gem of Bird Island. This secluded, coral cay is especially welcome by its special visitors.  Bird-lovers can get close to the over 1 million feathered friends that touch down each year. Just like the beautiful animals on the ground are these flying masterpieces of the air.

Another friend of Seychelles Bird Island is the famous Esmeralda, the world’s heaviest and oldest male tortoise topping the charts.

Founded barely in 2016, Cerf Island Conservation Program, a not-for-profit organisation, has come up with initiatives including guided snorkel, hiking trails, coral restoration and volunteer programs to achieve their objectives.

Cousin and Cousine islands are a superb example of eco-tourism. As you step off the boat onto both islands, you know you are about to have a magical encounter with nature.

To get to these gems isles, you either have to travel by ferry or plane. Most boats depart from Port Victoria, and planes leave from the airport to each island’s small airport or an airstrip. In other cases like Silhouette, the island is managed by Hilton resort so the ferry leaves from Hilton Mahé jetty or a helicopter ride from Mahé to Silhouette island.

Unlike the rest of the world and even Mahé these islands have an admirable laidback appeal and attitude. In most islands motorcars are simply nowhere to be seen. Unless you go over the mountain, walking across most of these islands are like your morning walk.

  • Most ferries depart from Port Victoria, unless the Island is owned by a company that manages it
  • Virgin forest of Silhouette National park mountains has beautiful endemic wildlife which is one of the world's richest biodiversity hotspot.
  • The Seychelles Islands scattered across the vibrant blues of the Indian Ocean like the shards of green jade lost at sea
  • Luxury resorts to cater for your best needs
  • Hilton Labriz offering various facilities for best holiday experience
  • As if it is picked straight out of a brochure
  • Admirable laid back appeal and attitude
  • Gazebo to rest and relax
  • Welcoming with a tropical flower
  • Creole food with yellow rice, fish and salad
  • Seychellois' farewell dance
  • Enchanting mountain slopes with turquoise crystal waters
  • No doubt it is a dream come true paradise for lovers' romance
  • Perfect choice for modern wedding venue
  • Like a tranquil natural environment, untouched and unspoiled.
  • Picturesque beach with its pristine blue waters and powder white sands
  • Seychelles has the best beaches with the electric blues of ocean, warm yellows of the sun, pearly white sands, lush green vegetation and big granite boulders
  • Sea water lapping onto ivory white silky sands among majestic granitic boulders.
  • Interesting way of judging the weather with the help of coconut
  • Impressive water features with wild green mountains to frame it
  • Walking through the dense vegetation to immerse in the fresh green atmosphere has its charm

Praslin Island

Anse Lazio

Worldwide award winning beach with white sands and clear blue waters of varying shades, Anse Lazio is a must see when in Praslin. Very peaceful to relax and just stunning to stroll along. There is plenty of sea life, so it makes it perfect for snorkeling.

Walk down to the left end of the beach, around the granite rocks for a more secluded paradise with barely a handful of people on the beach.

There is shade under the trees but remember to wear sunscreen as the sun can get scorching in these islands. At high tide, the water rises up very fast and reaches to the trees and not much sand area left. Occasionally sharks are spotted in this beach and its surroundings.


Anse Georgette

This outstandingly beautiful beach is back dropped in a tranquil natural environment, untouched and unspoilt. A romantic walk along this beach would make a memory of a lifetime. The beach is picturesque with its pristine blue waters and pearly white sands and is tucked away in the grounds of Constance Lemuria resort who owns this.

You need a reservation to get in, issued by the Constance Lemuria Hotel who maintains the beach limiting the number of visitors to preserve it to its natural state. There’s not much-shaded area on the beach though. Unless the water is totally calm, this beach isn’t suitable for swimming, as the water could pull you into the sea.


Cote d’Or

Cote d’Or is a calm, clean, shallow beach great for kids and their beach activities. This stretch of beach is part of Anse Volbert, which is a 2 km stretch of white sands, but more to the east. It is probably the longest beach on the Praslin Island.

Note that not all parts of the beach are the same so just stroll down to find your peaceful section of the beach. The northern end is much prettier, and the beach itself is far from crowded.


Vallée de Mai

Vallée de Mai, the gorgeous jewel of Seychelles is sitting at Praslin’s wild jungle heart. It is a such wonder that it convinced many that it is the original site of the Garden of Eden.

The Seychellois nature is what makes Seychelles what it is. This beautiful, unique character can be seen nowhere else as clearly than the tranquil Vallée de Mai national park, the rough, rugged terrain draped with gorgeous thick greenery with all the beauty packed within.

In addition to the astounding atmosphere, you must keep an eye out for the beautiful birdlife endemic to Seychelles and even to Praslin. This wildlife haven is an experience like no other.

The financial contributions from ticket sales of Vallée de Mai national park are significant to SIF and go towards the management and protection of both UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles, the Vallée de Mai and Aldabra Atoll.

If you go you should get a guided tour; they can show you lots of interesting things. Millions of years of isolation have enabled many unique species to develop in this thick forest. The walkways and footpaths are well maintained and marked, so nobody gets lost.

Silhouette National Park

Silhouette Island is the third largest island of Seychelles, currently owned by the Hilton Labriz Hotel group.  This fantasy come true island has gorgeous beaches and pristine and virgin forest to explore. Mount Dauban is its peak of 740m, named after the Dauban family who bought this Island for a violin.

This tropical beauty has seen many weddings on its enchanting shores of rounded granite boulders and dreamy shades of blue waters.

Silhouette Island has a barrier reef with one of the healthies coral reefs in Seychelles. Diving, snorkeling and other water sports are facilitated in this Island.

A visit to the tortoise and Terrapin conservation centre followed by a guided trails in nature among the Cinnamon trees, Coco-de-mers, Carnivorous Pitcher plants and Frangipanis will be an unforgettable experience.

Silhouette island is one of the world’s richest biodiversity hotspots, so make sure to look out for rare beautiful endemic wildlife during your trek.

There are three different guided tours available. Depending on the type of hike it will take 1 to 6hrs return. These trips are free if you are staying at the hotel.

La Digue

Anse Coco

Anse Cocos are haven for pristine waters lapping onto ivory white silky sands amongst majestic granitic boulders. Most of the time the sea could be quite rough. A lovely lagoon created by the rocks is at the end, perfect for snorkelling. This beach has all the privacy anyone wants. Take a walk from Grand Anse to get to see all three beaches and experience the forest of La Digue as well.


Anse Source d’argent

Anse Source d’argent  in the epitomy of Seychelles is a paradise itself. The enchanting crystal clear turquoise waters and pristine sand are truly breathtaking, and it is easy to spot fish swimming in the shallow around the reef without so much as a mask or snorkel.

Of course one of the most famous and beauties is the imposing granitic formations embellishing the beach which is responsible for making this the most famous beach in Seychelles and one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

Timing is crucial so make sure you avoid midday, weekends and especially very high tide or extremely low tides. To reach this beach, you must go through the L’Union estate for which admission is for a fee but also allows you to see the park, museum, giant tortoises and mills.

Aldabra Islands

Want to escape to an island that’s simply out of this world. Then the magical paradise, Aldabra atoll is just the place for you. Aldabra atoll is world’s largest raised coral atoll. It is home to wild life of all types from Tiger sharks to number of birds including the rare non-flight white-throated Aldabra rail.

Located 1120 km from Mahé is the Aldabra group of islands where you definitely won’t feel touristy at all. This inhospitable place is protected under Seychelles law and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Aldabra atoll is comprised of ancient coral limestone that initially emerged as a fringing reef around a volcano. The lagoon is the heart of Aldabra, literally pumping life throughout the atoll.

The channels allow the flow of millions of cubic meters of the ocean to rush in and out of the lagoon twice every day. There are no scheduled ship or air service to be aware of.

You can charter costly flights to Aldabra and make arrangements to stay at the ranger station.

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