Plane Travel

1 Always pack a set of clothes in your carry-on luggage, firstly, to manage flight delays in transit. Secondly, if your neighbour happens to be a kid and if she/he suffers from travel sickness
2 Most countries have six-month validity rule on the passport for international travel. The passport should have at least 6months beyond the intended stay. If you intend for an on-arrival visa, your visa could be rejected to enter the country.
3 If you have meal restriction, choose your meal preference well ahead and update online or call the airline to update in their system
4 Arrange special needs if necessary
5 Check real-time flight status for early, delayed and cancelled flights. You can download airport App on iPhone or Android
6 Most budget airlines have limitation on bag dimension and weight on the hand or carry on luggage and sometimes carry on baggage is included checked baggage might cost extra
7 Meals to buy-on-board on budget airlines
8 Most airlines have on-board USB phone charger. Always better to carry your battery bank as smaller aircrafts don’t have them and you wanted to watch your TV shows from your phone
9 LAG(Liquid, Aerosol, Gel) – Restrictions applied to carry any liquid or gel more than 100ml in a container not more than 100ml capacity. Aerosols are not allowed on hand luggage.
10 Some airports require to placing your cosmetics and LAG items in a clear ziplock bag for screening.
11 Some airports require you to remove your watch, belt, jewelry, keys, mobile phones and laptop in a separate tray for scanning
12 Any sharp items are not allowed in hand luggage
13 Check in online to save time and to prevent last minute rush
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