Peninsula Hot springs (Melbourne) – Relaxation at it’s finest

Relax and unwind in the award-winning Peninsula hot springs tour which is the only one of its kind in Victoria. This oasis of tranquillity, surrounded by the rolling hills of the peninsula is meant to rejuvenate all its visitors.

This attraction offers more than just pool experience but also massages and the famous Hamam, a Turkish steam bath.

Peninsula Hot Springs are hot filtration springs which mean that the source water is seeping through the permeable earth and it is estimated to have been deep within the Earth for more than 10,000 years.

These pools are drained, cleaned at night and refilled with fresh thermal mineral water every day at 6 am in the morning.

Treat yourself to one of the many special treatments which are inspired by Australian Aboriginal techniques. Various types of available massages will leave you feeling fresh. Some of the techniques used are luxurious facials using only the finest organic ingredients, invigorating salt scrub, healing ancient hot stone treatment or an intensely moisturizing body wrap using the healing powers of local honey. Rich minerals in mud and salt will leave your skin well-nourished.

Dining packages are very popular as they allow you to indulge in first-class food as well as bathe. If you are looking for a private bathing experience, that is available too. Pregnancy, golf, Peninsula hot springs accommodation and group packages are also there for you to pamper yourself.

The hot springs are also proven to provide special health benefits which will be heightened by wellness activities like yoga, meditation and Qi gong provided in-house.

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  • Oasis of tranquillity from the hot filtration springs


Hot Springs

Transport from Melbourne CBD

Peninsula Hot Springs is located in Mornington Peninsula 100km south of Melbourne, which can only be reached by travelling clockwise around Port Philip Bay. The best way to get to this attraction is by car or hire car(Uber).

Planning to drive? You can instantly rent a car suited to your personal needs filtered by price, availability, time and pickup/dropoff locations, by major car service providers.

If using Public transport visit Public Transport Victoria’s Journey Planner to plan your trip.

Car Park

Free car park available near the entrance of Peninsula Hot Springs.


30 Springs Lane, Fingal, 3939, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia


Phone no.




Opening times

They are open seven days a week, from 7:30 am until 10 pm daily. However, the Spa Dreaming Centre is open from 8 am to 9 pm. The hot springs are closed on Christmas day.

During peak times (Friday to Monday and school holiday periods) it is essential to pre-book your bathing and recommended during off-peak times.

Arrive at least 20 minutes before your booked time. Click the link here for further information. 



Peninsula Hot Springs prices differ for different packages like Bath House Bathing and Spa Dreaming Centre.  There is a 10% surcharge applied to peak rate on public holidays. Peninsula Hot Springs deals can be won by participating in their competitions.

At ‘Bath House’ bathing locker, towel and robe hire are at a price. Bath House Café offers light food and coffee.

‘Spa dreaming centre’ is a mobile free zone. Towel, robe and locker hire are complimentary. If you look for a quieter experience, then Spa Dreaming is your best choice. There are different packages available including dine-in options. Spa Dreaming Centre Cafe is a licensed café and offers all different foods.

Age Group

The hot springs has a family friendly and social atmosphere. However, the spa dreaming centre is only for visitors over the age of 16. After 10 am, the Bathing Gully and Hilltop pools are reserved for guests 16 years and older. 



Some of the famous experiences are thermal mineral pools, cave pool, Hilltop pool, thermal mineral showers, Turkish steam bath, Underground Sauna, massaging bamboo shower, Family bathing area, Private bathing, Lakeside pool, reflexology walk, Picnic area, Yoga/Qi gong classes, various massages, hand and foot baths, Cold plunge pools, hydrotherapy pool and hydro jet pool.


Visit Duration

The peninsula hot springs have a huge array of pools, spas, and massages where there are lots to enjoy. It would take around half day to a day to unwind.


Best time to visit

Spring and autumn would be an ideal time to visit. In summer outside temperature is already warm, and you will not get the best experience and in winter it might be freezing once you get out of the water.

Food & Drink

Enjoy at the Cafés or bring your picnic food and have outdoor in the lawn or picnic tables.

Services & Retail

Toilets, change rooms, first aid, deck chairs and picnic areas are available. Plenty of water taps found around the facility.

Spa shop has a huge range, everything from CDs to massage oils, leisure wear, bathing suits and footwear. 

Nearby Sites:

There is plenty of sites to see in Mornington Peninsula. Since the attraction is further away from Melbourne CBD, it would be a good experience to stay and enjoy the serenity of Mornington while visiting the nearby attractions like Enchanted Maze Garden, the Sunny Ridge strawberry farm, the Cape Schanck Lighthouse and Museum and others. 

Things to Note & Safety tips:

  • Keep in mind that the hot springs could be very busy and overcrowded during peak hours, this could give a slightly commercial Remember there are also private and secluded baths, at an elevated price.  
  • You can visit during off-peak from Tuesday to Thursday early mornings if you would prefer a more serene, more relaxed and personal experience.
  • If you are hesitated over many people using the pavilions and concerned over the quality of water, rest assured, the water gets refilled every morning at 6.
  • To have a pleasant experience at the customer desk, plan your trip well, print your discount voucher and keep your booking reference number handy.
  • To reduce extra cost, take from home all the necessities like robes, towels, etc.
  • Bathers are your best bet to wear, jeans and cargo shorts are not acceptable to be worn in the pools. Swimsuits are required in the Bath House bathing area, rash vests and board shorts are acceptable.
  • The mineral-rich water may discolour swimwear and jewellery.
  • Wear non-slippery footwear around the pool.
  • No prams are allowed.
  • Although there are plenty of indulgent treatments available for pregnant ladies, hot thermal pools are not suitable during pregnancy.
  • Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs discount is offered to RACV members up to 10% on Dine & Bath and Breakfast & Bathe.
  • If you are on Peninsula hot springs mailing list, you can receive Peninsula hot springs Special deals and Peninsula Hot Springs discount code whenever they run promotions. Occasionally, you can also enjoy Peninsula Hot springs discount of two for one bathing opportunities. 

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