Great Ocean Road Trip (Melbourne) – To the Nature’s Grand Architecture

The Great Ocean Road is a stretch of 243 kilometres (151 mi) long road situated along the south-eastern coast of Australia between the regional Victorian cities of Torquay (near Bell St) and Warrnambool (near Allansford). The Great Ocean Road is listed in Australian National Heritage and is a living memorial to Australia’s forefathers. The Great Ocean Road is surrounded by mesmerising landscapes of all sorts and the stunning journey along the way from each end has hidden treasures like bells beach to the 12 Apostles. 

This long road is built by soldiers returned from WW1, between the period 1919 to 1932 and is dedicated to 60,000 martyrs of the war and due to this, it manages to be the largest war memorial in the world. As there are so many attractions along Great Ocean Road, if you will drive in your vehicle, the trip will be well suited to what you desire. Alternatively, you can choose to cover the most popular attractions.

The scenic isolation is a treasure as you truly are one with nature and escape the hustle bustle. Winding through the secluded beauty of Victoria’s coastline, the road is home to the famous 12 apostles which are large tall rocks or monoliths. These stand out in the sea while constantly being pounded by the waves of the South to carve one of the world’s famous grand architecture. Since the discovery of these monoliths, 5 of the majestic limestone pillars have fallen for the ferocious waves.

A Recent study from the University of Melbourne reveals that there are five more monoliths found underwater 12km away from the current Apostles. These are discovered through sonar technology, and the limestone sea stacks are estimated to be 60,000years old.

Many of the activities include anything from 12 Apostles Helicopter ride, golfing, cycling; a broad range of water sports like kiteboarding, fishing, paddle boating; walking, hiking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and even horse riding.

The amazing wildlife, waterfalls, many national parks, treetop adventuring and beautiful coastlines add to the unique experience in the Great Ocean Road.

Flora and fauna flourish here with koala filled trees and abundant marine life thriving in the many bays, inlets, and estuaries. The limestone cliffs of 12 Apostles that rim the edges of the Great Ocean Road is sure to be the best on any of the scenic flights Great Ocean Road.

You can also try the local restaurants that bring the local flavours to come into union in your palate. These popular restaurants are Brae, A La Grecque, Fisho’s Torquay, Chris’s Beacon Point, and so forth.

The Great Ocean Walk claimed to be the best walking trail of all, proves to be an amazing eight-day experience of 104 km walk from Apollo Bay to 12 Apostles through Otway along the rugged coastline.

Welcome to the unbelievable Great Ocean Road.

The Great Ocean Road trip guide is a road trip we compiled to bring you the highlights of major Great Ocean Road attractions. When time permits, we suggest you visit the minor attractions in between.

Approximate distance in Kilometres of major Attractions along the coast from Melbourne CBD to Great Ocean Road:


  • Bells Beach (108km)
  • Otway Fly Treetop Adventures(200km)
  • Cape Otway light station (256km)
  • 12 Apostles (277km)
  • Loch Ard Gorge (280km)
  •  Flagstaff Maritime Hill and Museum (349km)

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  • Bells Beach, one of Australia's best surf beaches renowned for Rip Curl Events
  • Otway Fly Treetop Walk is the lengthiest(600m) and tallest(30m) raised walk of its kind in the world
  • Cape Otway Light Station protected ships sailing in the Southern Ocean from many disasters
  • Great Ocean Road is home to the famous 12 apostles which are large tall rocks or monoliths that are constantly being pounded by the waves of the South to carve one of the world’s famous grand architecture
  • Soaking in the beauty at Loch Ard Gorge is the most delightful experience in Great Ocean Road Trip
  • Astounding limestone stacks stand proudly in the middle of water
  • Paradise backdrop of coastal view Is simply spell-binding
  • Among the grand architecture everything else is a miniature
  • Classy and exquisite design of limestone architecture carved by nature
  • Gibson steps leading to the shore was built after the shipwreck tragedy at the Loch Ard
  • Up close Loch Ard cliff - enormous waves during the hightide is just magical
  • Lock Ard shipwreck is a tragic story in 1878 - left with only two survivors
  • The famous London Bridge in Australia is crumbled to the Sea. What is left is the stunning arch
  • Spectacular Gog & Magog are proudly sitting in between 12 Apostles and the Gibson Steps
  • Viewing Platform 12 Apostles - Portcambell National Park
  • Stone stacking elegance at Carisbrook Creek
  • Thriving in rich soil of the coast are all sorts of sea creatures of all shapes and sizes

Great Ocean Road – Minor Attractions (In order of distance from Melbourne CBD)

Split Point Lighthouse is a light station located in Aireys Inlet, and it was Initially called Eagles Nest Point, the lighthouse was erected in 1891. It was transformed from manual to automatic operation in 1919. The British-made first order Fresnel lens is surprisingly still in operation. Since summer of 2005, the attractions have been offering regular 30 minute guided tours, where visitors are given a chance to climb the original stairway and experience the view from the balcony just below the lantern room. The address is Federal St, Aireys Inlet, VIC 3231, approximately 133km from Melbourne CBD.

Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch stands on the Great Ocean Road to commemorate the soldiers who built the road after returning from WW1. The first Arch is replaced by the second one which was burnt down and what currently remains is the building of the third Arch. The timber log archway with cement and stone supports on each side crosses the Great Ocean Road.  The address is 689/721, Great Ocean Rd, Eastern View VIC 3231, approximately 139km from Melbourne CBD.

The Great Ocean Road Story Museum in Lorne showcases the rich maritime history of the region. If you like to know the history of the places you visit, this museum is a must see. The address is 15 Mountjoy Parade, Lorne, Vic 3232, approximately 151 km from Melbourne CBD. The contact number (03) 5289 1152.


Teddy’s Lookout provides a fantastic view of the Great Ocean Road coastline where the St.George River meets the ocean. The breathtaking view from the platform where the River empties into the estuary is an experience that will never be forgotten. The address is 100 George St, Lorne, VIC 3232, approximately 153 km from Melbourne CBD.

The Erskine falls arguably the most famous waterfalls in the Otways, plummets 30 meters into the rich tree fern gully of the Erskine River. The higher lookout is an easy five-minute trail from the car park. The lower lookout is a more vigorous walk, down roughly 240 steps to the bottom of the falls. The reward? A scene of one of the highest drops in the region. For keen hikers, check out the 8km Erskine River Track which takes you from the falls to Lorne beside the river, passing other falls like Straw and Splitter. The address is Erskine Falls Access Rd, Lorne, VIC 3232, approximately 160km from Melbourne CBD.

Carisbrook Creek is an attraction where you just can quickly drop in for an elegant rock stacking experience. It is located along the Great Ocean Road. The site is home to rock stacking and other stone sculptures. Parking is limited. You can participate and try to make a stone tower yourself. The address is Carisbrook Creek, Wongarra, Victoria, approximately 181km from Melbourne CBD.


Mariner’s Lookout is a beautiful lookout from which you can see the whole of Apollo Bay. Although it is an arduous trek up to the lookout, it’s definitely worth it. At the top, there is an excellent spot for a picnic. Also, don’t forget your camera! The address is Mariners Lookout Road, Apollo Bay, VIC 3233, approximately 196km from Melbourne CBD.

Mait’s rest is an 800m circular rainforest right in the heart of the Great Ocean Road near Apollo Bay. Take the self-guided rainforest boardwalk to see attractive fern gardens and the enormous rainforest trees up to 300 years old. A wooden boardwalk is built over the tree fern gullies and moss-covered roots of ancient rainforest trees, protecting the elusive ecosystem while providing visitors with unique views of the forest. You might even run into some unique animals. The address is Mait’s rest rainforest walk, Great Ocean Rd, Cape Otway, VIC 3233, approximately 216 km from Melbourne CBD.


The Hopetoun Falls is a waterfall on the Aire River that is located in The Otways. The falls are situated about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of the vicinity of Beech Forest. The falls have a large set of sturdy and maintained stairs that lead down a natural patio to a viewing platform close to the bottom of the waterfall. Hopetoun Falls plunges 30m into a rectangular shape. The address is  Beech Forest, Victoria, 3237, approximately 240km from Melbourne CBD.

The Little Aire Fall is an amazing waterfall that branches off the circuit walk. The viewing platform is well kept, well placed and gives an excellent view of the waterfall. The address is Phillips Track, Beech Forest, VIC 3237, approximately 256km from Melbourne CBD.


The Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park is a beautiful wildlife park that gives children and adults a chance to pet and feed native animals. The contact number is (03) 5237 5262, website: The address is 29 The Boulevarde, Gellibrand Lower VIC 3237, approximately 270km from Melbourne CBD.


Gibson Steps named after the pioneer, Hugh Gibson in the 18th century. It is a 30m high limestone cliff which has 86 steps that lead to the shore of the beach. These steps were built by the local tribe called Kirrae Whurrong for the use of local fisherman and others. There are two huge rock stacks namely Gog and Magog that are not part of the 12 Apostles, can be viewed both from the top and from the beach and the view is simply amazing. Tide conditions can be rough and unstable, but on a calm day, you can walk up to the 12 Apostles, which is only 1.1km away. There is no wheelchair access to the shore. It is a great spot for fishing and dangerous for swimming. The address is Gibson Steps, Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell VIC 3269, approximately 284km from Melbourne CBD.


London Arch formerly known as the London Bridge is a must-see attraction on the Great Ocean Road trip.The arch is stunning, and the unique natural sculpture will simply spellbind anyone. It used to be called London bridge up until 1990, and due to the fierce and constant pounding of the waves on the rocks, the bridge collapsed and crumbled into the sea leaving a lone stack on the shore. The address is Great Ocean Rd, Peterborough, VIC 3270, approximately 307km from Melbourne CBD

The Bay of Islands Coastal Park is a coastal reserve stretching 32km between the towns of Peterborough and Warrnambool. This coastal park has exceptional ocean views and geological features. Sheer cliffs and rock stacks dominate the bays, and heathlands display colourful spring wildflowers. Beaches are accessible at some points. The address is Nullawarre, VIC 3268, approximately 326km from Melbourne CBD.


Lake Pertobe is the best open space wonderland for all ages. This adventure park offers a fun time with or without kids with free bbq’s, picnic areas, kids play areas, maze, flying fox, cricket ground and so forth. Ideal for a relaxing walk or enjoy the lake. The address is Lake Pertobe Adventure Park, 50-120 Pertobe Road, Warrnambool, VIC 3280, approximately 359km from Melbourne CBD.

In Port Campbell, there are other minor attractions to cover such as The Grotto, Apostle Whey Cheese, Berry World, G.O.R.G.E Chocolates, Newtons Ridge Estate, Timboon Cheesery, Timboon Fine Ice Cream, Timboon Railway Shed Distillery etc.

Other Top Attractions