Document Checklist

1 Passport and visa
2 Personal ID – Driver’s license or student ID card; student ID or aged pension card for discount on attractions and public transport
3 Loyalty program cards or frequent flyer card to accumulate points for shopping, flying or even hotel stay.
4 Credit card, cash in the form of local currency and extra universal currency. (USD & EUR)
5 Travel Health insurance documents – If you don’t have one and in case something went wrong, you might have to sacrifice many months of your salary. It also covers lost baggage, delayed flights and others
6 Find out from your country’s government website to check requirement for vaccination before leaving to certain countries
7 Guidebooks, travel guides, maps, language guides, etc. (Put them in your carry-on, if you will need any of these upon arrival at your destination)
8 Flight, hotel, car, cruise, train, bus tour reservations, tickets, itineraries, other local information, emergency contacts and essential addresses
9 Copies of prescriptions, in case you land in a doctor’s office
10 Organise international SIM card
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