1 Camping is a broad area and depends on where you are camping(beach, woods, parks etc.) and what sort of camping you are up for. Always research and check local weather conditions, facilities during the period of your stay.
2 Check all of your equipment in working order before leaving home and always arrive early to set up your tent
3 Make sure you bring many small/big bags (sturdy garbage bag is a good choice) as you might get wet and you need to protect things like toilet paper
4 Bring high strength insect repellent as it’s a harsher environment; insect/snake bite kit, sunscreen
5 Picnic mats or even yoga mats
6 If you’re going to be hiking, use biodegradable trail-marking tape, hiking boots, pole, water bottle, backpack, head-torch for night hiking
7 Clothing plus polypropylene clothing; microfiber towels they’re super absorbent, quick dry & lightweight; shoes, socks, swimwear, toiletry bag, wet wipes, tissue packs
8 Charcoal, firewood; cotton pads dipped in was are an easy way to make portable fire starter, BBQ grill, candles. If you’re up for it, pack some smore ingredients for a campfire at night.
9 Camping chairs and hammocks allow you to get some well-deserved resting time
10 Take one pair of rubber thongs (flip-flop, slippers sandals, etc.) for everyone to share as essential showering equipment.
11 Take a rubber doormat and leave it in a prominent place.Use it and it minimises dirt from entering your camp area.
12 Solar lights from the garden make fantastic night lights and don’t need batteries or gas. You should also bring lanterns and rechargeable torch with extra batteries
13 Carry a few extra ropes and rope runners, duct tapes, scissors, portable cloth-line, gloves
14 Bring a portable stove with fuel, matches, kettle, cutting board, knife, pots, plates, cups & other utensils, aluminium foil, soap, scrub, tea towels, paper towels, dustpan and brush
15 Sleep gear – Inflatable pillow, sleeping mat, blanket or for colder weather sleeping bag, liner(make sure to get a good quality sleeping bag to cope with unpredictable night temperature)
16 Tent and tent supplies
17 Parkas Raincoat, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, hand sanitizer
18 Water holding container for all-purpose, enough drinking water and water purifier just in case you run out
19 Dry ingredients and canned food are an easy and hassle-free way for meals; condiments, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, drinks, snacks
20 First aid kit, personal medications and other personal items that you take everywhere
21 Compass, maps/ directions, whistle, camera, satellite phone and a good battery bank
22 Finally, always have a backup plan if something fails