Before You Go

Ultimate Travel Pack Checklist and Tips:

Documents and important info
1 Passport and visa
2 Personal ID – Driver’s license or student ID card; student ID or aged pension card for discount on attractions and public transport
3 Loyalty program cards or frequent flyer card to accumulate points for shopping, flying or even hotel stay.
4 Credit card, cash in the form of local currency and extra universal currency. (USD & EUR)
5 Travel Health insurance documents – If you don’t have one and in case something went wrong, you might have to sacrifice many months of your salary. It also covers lost baggage, delayed flights and others
6 Find out from your country’s government website to check requirement for vaccination before leaving to certain countries
7 Guidebooks, travel guides, maps, language guides, etc. (Put them in your carry-on, if you will need any of these upon arrival at your destination)
8 Flight, hotel, car, cruise, train, bus tour reservations, tickets, itineraries, other local information, emergency contacts and essential addresses
9 Copies of prescriptions, in case you land in a doctor’s office
10 Organise international SIM card
Prepare your house
1 Check the local weather before leaving
2 Have a backup option and mentally run through the entire trip
3 Turn on the alarm right before you leave and direct the alarm to a friend/relative or police if your phone isn’t going to be on roaming
4 Always carry these according to local weather conditions – Umbrella, hat, rain jacket, jumper, scarf, Sunglasses
5 Arrange care for Pets & Plants
6 Contact newspaper services to temporarily stop and mail delivery services to be collected by someone
7 Close curtains and blinds before leaving the house and organise a trusted person to check on the house
8 Check the taps, cooker before you take off
9 Make copies of all the documents that you are taking and send it to your email and save it under favourites
10 Make sure to get rid of perishable food from your fridge and turn off fridge
11 If you can, put lights on timers or leave an energy saving light to avoid intruders as they target unlit homes
12 Leave house key and trip itinerary with a trusted friend or relative
13 Lock all doors and windows
14 Store valuables in a safe place
15 Prearrange school and other activity absences for children
16 Turn off heater/air conditioner
1 Clothing, towels, shoes, socks and sleep gear(if necessary)
2 Books, e-reader, games, magazines and load your preferred movies/TV shows to watch on the phone/iPad
3 Pack your prescription drugs with original packaging in the zipped locked bag for easy screening.
4 Spectacles with case or extra contacts, solution and case, other accessories and watch
5 Toiletry bag with Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss,  Hand sanitizer, wet wipes, lip balm, hand cream, safety pins, packet of tissues etc.(items grouped in several ziplock bags)
6 Hairdryer, brush/comb, hair ties, clips, hairspray, shampoo and conditioner. You can also use dry shampoo as it is easy for on the go
7 Sunscreen and zinc sunblock. Also, it is good to bring your sunscreen as it tends to irritate various skin types
8 Mirror, face wash, makeup, makeup removal wipes, moisturiser and body lotion
9 Personal and Feminine hygiene items
10 Deodorant, Cologne/perfume(miniature one for your carry-on)
11 Shaving kit and extra razors
12 Travel pillow, eye mask and ear-plugs, scarf, compression socks, a snack that will keep you going for at least 3-4hrs.
13 Notepad and a pen
14 Laptop/iPad, phone, SIM card, charger, earphones, international travel adapter with USB ports, battery bank, selfie stick, go-pro, gimbal, professional camera. Younger generation prefer to use phone for camera, torch, alarm, calculator etc if not pack them too
15 RFID block pouch or wallet to prevent credit card theft
16 Travel clothesline, detergent, laundry bags, sewing kit, lint roller
17 Luggage scale, water purifier etc.
18 Nail clippers, scissors and tweezers and any other shape items in checked luggage
19 First aid kit (alcohol wipes, band-aid, gauze, adhesives,  antiseptic cream, etc.)
20 Medication for pain, fever, allergy, motion sickness tablets/bracelet/patch, antihistamine, electrolyte tablets, saline eye drops,  Ventolin, Vitamins etc
21 Insect/mosquito repellent and sting reliever
Plane Travel
1 Always pack a set of clothes in your carry-on luggage, firstly, to manage flight delays in transit. Secondly, if your neighbour happens to be a kid and if she/he suffers from travel sickness
2 Most countries have six-month validity rule on the passport for international travel. The passport should have at least 6months beyond the intended stay. If you intend for an on-arrival visa, your visa could be rejected to enter the country.
3 If you have meal restriction, choose your meal preference well ahead and update online or call the airline to update in their system
4 Arrange special needs if necessary
5 Check real-time flight status for early, delayed and cancelled flights. You can download airport App on iPhone or Android
6 Most budget airlines have limitation on bag dimension and weight on the hand or carry on luggage and sometimes carry on baggage is included checked baggage might cost extra
7 Meals to buy-on-board on budget airlines
8 Most airlines have on-board USB phone charger. Always better to carry your battery bank as smaller aircrafts don’t have them and you wanted to watch your TV shows from your phone
9 LAG(Liquid, Aerosol, Gel) – Restrictions applied to carry any liquid or gel more than 100ml in a container not more than 100ml capacity. Aerosols are not allowed on hand luggage.
10 Some airports require to placing your cosmetics and LAG items in a clear ziplock bag for screening.
11 Some airports require you to remove your watch, belt, jewelry, keys, mobile phones and laptop in a separate tray for scanning
12 Any sharp items are not allowed in hand luggage
13 Check in online to save time and to prevent last minute rush
Cruise Travel
1 Broadbrim hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and zinc sunblock are vital onboard on a cruise
2 Water onboard may not be suited to your taste; you can buy bottled water onboard or bring cordial/juice concentrate
3 Pack bathing suits, water shoes, tennis shoes, etc. for onboard activities
4 Pack plug adapters as many cabins only have a limited number of plug points. Surge protectors can be useful
5 Check if you have all the correct visas and dates as cruises can stop in many countries. You may also need multiple entry visas
6 Bring formal wear including shoes as there are formal events onboard like the Captain’s Cocktail Party
7 Remember to pack sea sickness tablets/bands/patches.
Road travel
1 Nearest toilet location map can be downloaded from an android or apple phone.
2 Check fuel and insurance for road-side assistance before leaving for long distance travel
3 Extra lead and the phone charger to keep the phone charging while google maps is on. You can add google map is offline
4 Car sunshade if you are travelling with kids to protect from sun
5 Make sure to have jump-lead in the boot in case battery runs out.
6 Plenty of snacks, water and juices to keep you going on the go.
1 Camping is a broad area and depends on where you are camping(beach, woods, parks etc.) and what sort of camping you are up for. Always research and check local weather conditions, facilities during the period of your stay.
2 Check all of your equipment in working order before leaving home and always arrive early to set up your tent
3 Make sure you bring many small/big bags (sturdy garbage bag is a good choice) as you might get wet and you need to protect things like toilet paper
4 Bring high strength insect repellent as it’s a harsher environment; insect/snake bite kit, sunscreen
5 Picnic mats or even yoga mats
6 If you’re going to be hiking, use biodegradable trail-marking tape, hiking boots, pole, water bottle, backpack, head-torch for night hiking
7 Clothing plus polypropylene clothing; microfiber towels they’re super absorbent, quick dry & lightweight; shoes, socks, swimwear, toiletry bag, wet wipes, tissue packs
8 Charcoal, firewood; cotton pads dipped in was are an easy way to make portable fire starter, BBQ grill, candles. If you’re up for it, pack some smore ingredients for a campfire at night.
9 Camping chairs and hammocks allow you to get some well-deserved resting time
10 Take one pair of rubber thongs (flip-flop, slippers sandals, etc.) for everyone to share as essential showering equipment.
11 Take a rubber doormat and leave it in a prominent place.Use it and it minimises dirt from entering your camp area.
12 Solar lights from the garden make fantastic night lights and don’t need batteries or gas. You should also bring lanterns and rechargeable torch with extra batteries
13 Carry a few extra ropes and rope runners, duct tapes, scissors, portable cloth-line, gloves
14 Bring a portable stove with fuel, matches, kettle, cutting board, knife, pots, plates, cups & other utensils, aluminium foil, soap, scrub, tea towels, paper towels, dustpan and brush
15 Sleep gear – Inflatable pillow, sleeping mat, blanket or for colder weather sleeping bag, liner(make sure to get a good quality sleeping bag to cope with unpredictable night temperature)
16 Tent and tent supplies
17 Parkas Raincoat, wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, hand sanitizer
18 Water holding container for all-purpose, enough drinking water and water purifier just in case you run out
19 Dry ingredients and canned food are an easy and hassle-free way for meals; condiments, tea, coffee, sugar, milk, drinks, snacks
20 First aid kit, personal medications and other personal items that you take everywhere
21 Compass, maps/ directions, whistle, camera, satellite phone and a good battery bank
22 Finally, always have a backup plan if something fails
Travel with kids
1 Pack lots of plastic bags, tissues, wet wipes to use on the go and kids cant wait if the next toilet trip is in a while, empty wide mouth bottle is always handy to your kid’s emergency nature’s call
2 Keep the kids intrigued by offering a toy or food in a gift wrap, it keeps them occupied for longer. Choose the food that is less messy and longer to eat
3 Travelling could make little ones to have nappy rash, take sufficiently
4 Take something to chew like lollies, sucking bottle for very young ones during air travel. Plane take off and landing could cause ear imbalance and ache. For older kids chewing gum helps.
5 Strollers, favourite songs/blankets, good stock of nappies, wipes, set of clothes handy and other toddler/kid items
6 Children’s strength medicine and pain relievers
7 Divide the time taken for the journey into several slots and plan varied activities to entertain like toys, reading materials, travel activities and electronic devices, loading the tablet/iPad with some cartoons or downloading a game is quite useful
8 Always pack a set of clothes for parents in the carry-on baggage as things could get messy when travelling with little ones
9 It always takes longer to travel with babies and kids. Plan and limit the activites and allow for any foreseen/unforeseen delays
10 Try not to carry puzzle or favorite toy with many pieces in it, losing a piece will upset the kid and eventually end up in unnecessary search for something not worth looking for on a busy holiday

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