About Us

If you haven’t guessed already, we, TravelOnAPlatter, have created something special by bringing our experience and expertise to the table to indulge all who are interested and dreamt of having a fantastic holiday. We strive to serve you the best of the tips, tricks, untold experience, helpful hints to enjoy or avoid, dangers and warnings about destinations dotting the globe.

Reading our unique and compelling compilations of our writings before you set-off to your dream vacation, will not only benefit by having a wonderful holiday but also ensures you save time, effort, at times money and inconveniences that you want to avoid.

To make sure you spend more time having fun, we compile all the vital information to be served on a platter. If you know the knowledge and history behind where you are going; then you can relate better and have a better understanding of the place, and that will add more value to the whole experience.

Moreover, we do not stop there; we offer all sorts of deals, so you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime that would not stay just a dream. We are based in Melbourne, and our passion for sharing our knowledge began when we traveled extensively and thought, why don’t we spread these experience and expertise to the world, through the World Wide Web?

Our relationship of fellow traveler is one to last a lifetime where the memories and thrills will never be lost. We believe in comradeship with fellow travelers that traveling not only opens your mind but your heart and to enjoy life as it throws itself at you and feel awesome for years to come.

Photos are worth thousands of words, although we are not promoting photography in this website, our aim is to present photos in the best means possible to give you a good picture of what you can expect.

Ultimately to TRAVEL is to Try somethings new, Rival your fears to bring the world close to you, Adventure to expand your knowledge, Visit to treasure special memories, Enter into the world of happiness, and finally Love your experience